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It’s direct flight vs connection flight again. A direct return flight in business class, for example from Frankfurt to Sao Paulo is a premium product with a premium price. A business flight Stockholm – Frankfurt – Sao Paulo – Frankfurt – Stockholm is an offer of plenty. It differs little from the offers of other major European airlines.
Let’s take advantage of the competition!

Let’s be concrete:

04.06. Frankfurt – Sao Paulo
07.06. Sao Paulo – Frankfurt
Price Business Class EUR 4,743.-

04.05. Stockholm – Frankfurt
04.06. Frankfurt – Sao Paulo
07.06. Sao Paulo – Frankfurt
07.07. Frankfurt – Stockholm
Price Business Class EUR 2,740.-

It’s important that the flight segments have to be flown as booked, otherwise the following flights expire.
The highlight: The inner-European feeder can be weeks or months before the actual trip into the world.
In this example you book Stockholm-Frankfurt separately on top as a cheap one-way flight and the weekend trip is ready. But this excursion is a must go (see above).
You can use the 4th flight segment for anouther trip if you want. But there is no need. Only the unused flight should be at least a few days later than the long-haul flight – otherwise the check-in baggage travels further than yourself. Say good buy to it.

Stockholm is an example – Sao Paulo as well.
Would you rather take a weekend trip to Prague, Budapest, Ljubljana or Bucharest?
Check out which country has the best deals.

Enjoy saving!