Cross ticketing

The minimum stay is used by airlines to squeeze out the money of wealthy business travellers.
The idea behind: Business trips are often short and compact, sometimes only one day long.
Low-cost fares often have a minimum stay of several days – low fares only for people who stay longer: Usually price sensitive tourists.
But just beat the airlines at their own game: Cross ticketing.

What you need:
11.01. morning Frankfurt-Geneva
11.01. evening Geneva-Frankfurt
Price EUR 685.-

What you buy:
Ticket l:
11.01. morning Frankfurt-Geneva
11.11. any time Geneva-Frankfurt
Price EUR 195.-

Ticket II
11.01. evening Geneva-Frankfurt
11.11. any time Frankfurt-Geneva
Price EUR 213.-

Now we have 2 tickets with maximum stay. The sum of both tickets is cheaper than the regular ticket. The two usless flight segments can expire.
Important: Place unused flight segments only at the end of the trip. A noshow makes all following flight segments worthless.

Emjoy saving.